When A Raptor Is Expected

Why yes, this is a Haldecult story.

Some time back quite possibly the most dedicated member of the cult announced that she and her husband were expecting their third child. Then, somewhere in cyberspace, it was nicknamed the raptor. I swear I tried to find the original conversation but I failed, maybe someone else wants to give it a shot.The next thing we knew there were messages flying around directing us to a secret group that was titled Baby Raptor Knitting Surprise. You see where this is going don’t you?

After much discussion (and let me tell you, this group of ladies can chatter!) of genders and colours we settled on the University of Florida Gators colours to keep dad happy as well as being gender neutral. We selected the Templeton squares from Knitty by designer Franklin (not the turtle) Habit for a blanket to be assembled by the person who came up with the idea. Bless her heart, she also taught herself to crochet to do this. About now is when Haldechick swung into action to ensure there was enough of her Tepper base available in Blue Sun, Vodka & OJ, Hogtown, Hogtown Special and some undyed to make sure this could happen.

Undyed & Hogtown Special

Undyed & Hogtown Special

Blessings on her too because she not only did that but whipped off two blanket squares. Pretty aren’t they?


Then everyone banded together to get those squares done because who doesn’t want to share in something so fun?




Blue Sun


Vodka & OJ






The squares starting rolling in from various parts of the world and it was coming together. The final result? Well that’s for next time.


Finished Object (FO) Friday

Yes, that’s what we call it and my FO isn’t even knitting but before I get to that I need to give a well deserved shout out to my friend.

IMG_2820I’m talking about my friend that was just here visiting from Europe. No I don’t know how many yarn shops we visited, sorry. But after she moved on she got to one more and she mailed me the most glorious gift. That, over there, on the right. It’s a yarn called Frolicking Feet from Done Roving Yarns, the colourway is Highland Haze. Yes, it is purple and green all at once in one yarn. Does she know me or what???

As for the FO, in my last post I shared a photo of a lamp I picked up at the thrift store. Well guess what? Here is what it looks like today.


WIP and Something New

IMG_2812As promised I have a photo of my 12 in 14 project. I love the way this is looking already, at this point I have gone 2 1/2 times through the pattern. The whole point of it is to look like it’s is a continuous “xoxo”, or kisses and hugs. Hence the love part in the title of the pattern, Love and Liquor. The liquor was a reference to the pattern designer’s yarn colour on the original socks. In my case I thought the main colour of my yarn lent itself to the love reference as well, as for the liquor, when I see the green I think Margarita’s and/or tequila so it all works.

My something new this week is something I picked up in a thrift shop today, a new/old lamp. I fell for it but initially though it was a bit pricey. The Mr liked it too though and on closer examination I decided I could probably change the wiring fairly easily, as you can see in the photo what it has now is pretty old. For my next quest, just the right shade.