Yarn Club Round-up

Now that the latest session of Haldecraft Yarn Club has ended I want to share the wonder. This past round was inspired by some of the lesser known elements of Norse Mythology and I once again put myself in for the sock weight option.

IMG_3081The May offering came to us in what can only be called a glow. As explained by the maker:

“So who was Sif? Sif was Thor’s wife, Goddess of the Earth, and her famous long blonde tresses are said to signify corn or wheat, and the harvest. Thor much loved Sif’s hair, and Sif was extremely proud of her locks – almost vain, even. One night when she was sleeping, Loki snuck into her chamber and cut off all of her hair. Was there a reason, other than Loki wanting to cause mischief?”

I’ll not give away the rest of the story but leave it for you to read in full and enjoy. The sock weight yarn for Sif is Andre, a 80% Superwash Merino/20% Nylon blend and the swag was handmade Haldecraft stitch markers.



June brought something from a completely different colour spectrum. Gleipnir is third of the fetters holding Fenrir, the giant wolf, and son of Loki.  Fenrir will remain bound by Gleipnir until Ragnarok, at which point he will escape and kill Odin. June sock weight was again Andre and this time the swag was coasters using various designs from the tv show Vikings for inspiration.

IMG_3079The third and final installment of this round of club quite seriously took my breath away. The colour is inspired by Yggdrasil, the Tree of Life. Again, I’ll leave it to you if you want to do some research, it’s worth your time though. If you know me, you know I love green and the fact that June’s sock offering was in my favourite Marion base, a 80% Superwash Merino/10%/Cashmere/10% Nylon blend, was like a special gift all for me. Then there was the swag, a project bag from Tuesday Tutus & Totes, also green and just beautiful.

If yarn club is your thing the next round is going to be Fantasy Literature. I’ll just leave you this final photo of the summer club, all together.


WIPs, A Day Late

I might need to work on my writing discipline… or just stop playing with my ridiculous Boxer niece so I have time to write.

IMG_3073Regardless today I’ll share my current works in progress. The first isn’t particularly exciting but useful in so many ways. I decided I need to make some wash cloths, for so many reasons and people. I pulled out my monster ball of cotton and cast on. I’ve decided I’ll just keep an open project on Ravelry and add a percentage point for each one I finish. This is the first one, about half done.

IMG_3069This photo is my July 12 in 14 Halde-along project. This month’s yarn is That’s No Moon in TipTree, a limited edition colourway of which there is exactly one skein left in the shop. The pattern for these socks is called Luna’s Moonlight from Ann Kingstone’s Novel Knits pattern book.

If you’re wondering about my June project, yes it did get finished on time. I just need to find a model to get some FO photos and then I will do up a post about it.

My final WIP for this week is a mystery knit along (MKAL) of a pattern from Boo Knits. A MKAL is when the designer sends you pattern “clues” or instructions in pieces with no indication to the look of the finished product. I’ve admired Boo Knits patterns for some time and have many of them in my queue and/or favourites. When I saw this offering for a beaded shawl I couldn’t resist. It’s called Ocean Breeze and I have selected Blue Sky Alpaca’s Metalico in Silver and Platinum with blue beads. I’m still on the first clue but it does look gorgeous don’t you think?



Good Food, Good Friends

Last Saturday I got a chance to catch up with my friend of the world. I call her that because although we live on opposite sides of Toronto we first met in France when I was living in Belgium. In fact we hung out together in France, Belgium and Hong Kong before we ever got together in Canada. Now if we could just manage to get to a location where we could go diving together all would be perfect!

Last Saturday we went to The Bier Markt on The Esplanade in Toronto. She goes there quite often and I’ve been wanting to try it for ages so it was a perfect choice. We both love to sit, chat, graze and take our time so it was all about the sharing and made me homesick for Europe again.


My S’Wheat Flight of beers, three German, two Belgian, one French. *waves to all from those places*


Lager fondue, for my Swiss friends.


Bavarian Pretzels. The Germans again, go figure.


A waffle with chocolate syrup, candied pecans, bacon and real whipped cream. Belgian of course.


And this guy on the way out the Manneken Pis, just like being in Brussels.