Sometimes a dog…

I’ve been part of an online Boxer community since my first Boxer was five months old, that makes for coming up on 16 years now. Over the years we have celebrated the achievements, mourned the losses and railed against the challenges of our beloved breed. I love all the dogs we share but sometimes there are special ones, such a Dudley. I think I’ve always loved Duds because he was different, he’s a Boxer/Old English Sheepdog cross which means he’s got an absolutely unique appearance and style. His mama is a pretty cool lady too.

This week Duds was diagnosed with terminal cancer and even though he’s reached the ripe old age of 13 it’s never long enough when you love a dog. I wanted to share some of my favourite photos of Dudley to let his mama know I’m thinking of them and sending them much love and hugs.


Duds in his younger days, at a SCA event pulling his mama in their cart.


Duds, stylin’ and proflin’, showing off this Thundershirt.


Duds the centrefold dog, enjoying the Florida sunshine.


Every dog loves a little sand between their toes.


Sneaky Serpents

It’s time, past time, for me to get back to writing. I’ll not make excuses my friends but just get back to it. I also won’t make promises for the future as none of us know what that may hold but I hope that I can convince myself that when a topic strikes me as word worthy it will land here.

For today I will go with my standby, the Haldecraft 12 in 14. This is my August project.

The yarn, Haldecraft HandDyed Why Is A Raven in Tiptree. This yarn is from the Alice in Wonderland yarn club, June 2013, and as describe by the maker: IMG_3119

“The Hatter opened his eyes very wide on hearing this; but all he said was “Why is a raven like a writing-desk?”

This month’s colorway is Why is a Raven. Is it black? Is it brown? Does it come with a quill? Many people have asked each other for years what Lewis Carroll meant by the question, especially since he was such a cunning riddler. The joke is that there really isn’t an answer… the Hatter was indeed, just quite mad.

The pattern I chose for this is the Slytherin ! Shawl by Susan Ashcroft. Everyone expected that I would make this in a shade of green because Slytherin’s house colours are green and grey/silver. However for some reason the idea of knitting it up in a deep brown was more appealing and since I have been sorted into the Slytherin House on the Pottermore website I decided I was allowed to make that decision.

This is a garter stitch shawl with pattern changes made by the percentage, or weight, of yarn used. The result of this being that I had no worries about using enough yarn for the requirements of the Halde-along. The no-fuss countless stitch method stressed me a little, I had to let go of my perfectionist self. I was pleased when I got to the snakes to discover I would have an odd number so the ends of the shawl would match. The shawl was a relatively easy knit, although I did start over once because I do have to watch what I’m doing after all, otherwise I find I have a whole bunch of slipped stitches instead of knits.

I am so pleased with the final result. The dark brown/black yarn with the gold beads selected by my Mister is exactly what I had hoped it would be.

IMG_3208Hopefully in future I’ll get another photo of this as it looks being worn.