Playing Tourist

IMG_3141Today nearly didn’t go as planned, what with the time my alarm went off I almost bailed on the whole thing. However knowing that my friend in hockey and Boxers would be sorely disappointed I managed to drag myself away. You see today was San Jose Sharks day at the Hockey Hall of Fame. Luckily for me I got to the GO station early enough to get a prime parking spot right in front of the station. I like to take the train into Toronto, less stress, and it’s kind of like being in Europe again. I was in downtown much too early, long before the HHOF opened, so I treated myself to breakfast at Cora’s before heading over there.

IMG_3139I’ve always loved the statue out front. It’s called “Our Game” and is meant to depict excited young players coming over the boards. The last time I was in Toronto to meet my friend for dinner I stopped and offered to take a photo of a couple, with their camera, in front of this statue. Something I like to do for people because I know, as the one with the camera, that I’m not usually in any of my travel photos.

IMG_3151The hall has a display right now that shows each team’s jersey with that of their franchise affiliate. In many cases the affiliate team has a different name but not this one, the San Jose affiliate franchise is the Worcester Sharks. At a quick look someone might not even realize that these jerseys are from two different teams but the top one is San Jose and the bottom is Worcester.

IMG_3183Of course what’s a visit to the hall without a photo of the Stanley Cup? No, I didn’t get my photo taken with it. I have to draw the line on tourist impersonation somewhere!

All in all I had a great day and just to keep this somewhat yarn related, I did have my knitting with me. I also bought the shirt in this photo.




This is an unusual finished object post because the project has been languishing away for a long time. It’s a large shawl and the problem was blocking it. Last week I was going for an overnighter with my buddy, Daisie the Great Dane, so I stripped my bed and blocked the shawl there. It sure was nice to click finished on the Ravelry project.

IMG_0414The pattern I used was Vortex by Kristina McCurley which I found after a friend posted photos of her completed project. The yarn I selected is Knit Picks Stroll Hand Painted in the colourway, Lullaby. I cast on, according to my project page, April 20, 2012 and cast off in mid-June. That makes it two years and a bit to block it.

It seems I did take some photos of it after cast off though, one of which IMG_0557was photo-bombed by the Brindle of course. As I was pinning it for blocking I remember that I left off the picot edging called for in the pattern as I didn’t care for it. I have been thinking that I should pick up and knit a pretty contrasting border now that my skills have improved greatly but am undecided if I will do that. IMG_3129I did discover a dropped stitch during blocking, thank heavens I was able to pick it up and hide it. You can see it in the photo, slightly above the second lace row from the bottom, near centre. Trust me, you can’t see it now.


This project pre-dated my numbering of projects however not so much that I didn’t give it a number when I started that process and this is #6. I do remember I selected the name because of the combination of the pattern and colour. I’m just so pleased that this finally, truly complete but I have one more of these projects that I will have to block the next time I’m gone for a day or two. That will be a good day.

In the mean time here’s my favourite photo that I took of this since blocking it.



This is the post for my July 12 in 14 project. I think I mentioned before that I decided to follow my European friend’s lead and simply number my knitting projects. Often while working on them a name will come to me but this time it didn’t. I’m ok with that.

IMG_3067The yarn for last month was That’s No Moon in Tiptree. This skein was special to me because I purchased it in person at the GLAM craft show in Gainesville, Florida the day I met Haldechick in person for the first time. I was excited for days to meet her, not just because she’s such a talented maker, but also because we like so many of the same things that we could almost be the same person. I remember when I found her group on Ravelry and very quickly came to the conclusion that I had found my people.

IMG_3118My pattern for July was Luna’s Moonlight socks from Ann Kingstone’s Novel Knits. This was the second pattern I have knit from that book and I just love these patterns. They read well, they’re easy to follow and they just look gorgeous when completed. I did add one extra pattern repeat to the legs because I like my socks a little higher. I finished up with only 14g of yarn.

I think my biggest surprise while knitting up these socks was how they pooled, or in fact striped. This is not a self-striping yarn but it sure did a good impersonation of one. These socks are topping out as one of my favourite finished objects ever.