Appreciation and Validation

I knit because I enjoy it. People often compliment my work but really I only do it for myself, because it makes me feel good to look at these things and say “I made that!”

Back in the summer when I realized I would be staying in Canada a little longer than originally planned I decided I would enter a few things in our local fall fair, just to see. Because it wasn’t a planned thing I decided I really only had things to fit in three classes; socks, shawl or small cape and fancy scarf. The items I chose have all been on Boxer Yarns before because they were all 12 in 14 projects, Don’t Blink!, Salt Water Waves and Deep Sea Fronds.

I dropped my projects off to the nice ladies from the Agricultural society on the Wednesday evening, snuck off for my pickup of salt water taffy and headed back home. The only day I had planned to attend the fair myself was Monday for the heavy horse show so I even though I knew the judging was Thursday I didn’t think much on how I might have done. Saturday some friends came by the house to hang a ceiling fan for us before going to the fair that evening. She sent me a text asking how many entries I had and I told her three and what they were. She said they had seen the socks and shawl and they were very nice but since she didn’t say anything else I assumed I hadn’t placed with those. On the Monday at the fair my mom also asked how many entries I had and she too had only seen the shawl and socks when she was there the night before, she was also holding out on me. As we walked up to the building I said to her that I didn’t know what the problem was, I could see my scarf from where we were. She asked how and I said “because it’s long and green, I can see it hanging over there on the left”.

IMG_3224So my socks were the “worst” of the bunch if you can call a third a worst. I have a couple of theories on them, one is they are a bit of a lace sock which maybe makes them less practical in Canada. I also have to wonder if they didn’t think my heel was complicated enough although I personally think all heels are plenty complicated thanks.

IMG_3225The shawl apparently went over well. I thought it was considerably prettier than the one that came in first but I know where I went wrong here. I read the word small and entered a small shawl, had a read the category properly I would have entered a different one.


IMG_3223Then there was this. I guess nobody could see my scarf for all the “stuff” on it. I won 1st Place and Special: P.A.S. Homecraft Division in Class G440 an additional prize of prize item chosen by committee. There are 87 categories in class G440, look at that ribbon!!! I was just shocked, I kept saying “I won a special…”

I don’t have data or most of my US friends on my Canadian phone so I was texting another friend to relay to Haldecraft headquarters that I had done good things with her yarn babies, her words. I really do have to thank her for providing me the medium to make such beautiful things.

When I went back Monday evening to pick up my stuff and told the nice ladies that my scarf was the green one they all came over to tell me how beautiful it was and the beading was such a lovely addition. They also wanted to know that I would be entering next year and you bet I will. Here’s the photo I took when I got home.



If any of you non Canadians didn’t know, this is our Thanksgiving weekend. I like to think that I’m a good planner because I manage to get my turkey day both here and in the US when I head south.

Yesterday we went out to a local market to pick up some of the necessities and I just couldn’t resist taking photos. I firmly believe that mother nature has a sense of humour.


I don’t even know…


Brussels sprouts, still on the stalk.


Gourds, in all the colours and shapes.

The market also has a small area where there are birds and goats for children to feed. I didn’t have the heart to tell the little ones that this isn’t a duck.


I do love cute goaties.


Have a great weekend everyone, Thanksgiving or no.


Tilt Your Head…

14861501398_40e999699a_oYes, if you tilt your head just so the stripes on those socks I posted about the other day become straight. You’re doing it aren’t you?

The story behind these is just fun, all the way around. Back in January a friend contacted me and told me that her handknit socks were wearing out and would I be willing to make her a new pair. She offered to trade me some of her pottery and that’s just the best, handmade for handmade. I did warn her that because of the 12 in 14 they would be a between projects project and therefore would take a while, she was fine with that.

She told me she likes wild colours, even suggesting I just use my leftovers to piece them together. I have a plan for my leftovers though and so I went stash diving, coming up with a couple of skeins of Knitpicks Stroll Multi in Blue Violet. Since it is a tonal yarn I went looking for a pattern that would show off the colours, coming up with Knitty’s Skew Socks.

IMG_2745I had a lot of fun knitting these socks, they were well travelled before they ever got to their owner. Yes, here there are in Hogsmeade at Universal Studios. Of course they also made the trek from Florida back to Ontario.


Once they were complete we made plans to get together so I could deliver them. Ah yes, plans… We were going sailing but it poured rain so we went to a pub for lunch. Oh and I forgot the socks so I had to mail them. Also, because it was summer the pottery was all put away in storage so we have to do that still. Or not… because she bought me more yarn to make her another pair of socks. Some people are just eminently knitworthy.