I’ve been debating what I was going to write about today. With various things going on around me I was toying with delving into something along the political vein. The problem with that is that I have more than one subject marinating in my brain and none of them seem to be quite ready to come out. With that in mind I decided to just have done with the project formerly known as my September for the 12 in 14.

I posted a while ago about how I hadn’t finished on time. Well the socks are done and I intend to put them in the bottom of a box until they no longer make me angry. In the end there really was nothing right about this project.

IMG_3367It wasn’t the yarn, Haldecraft’s Tatterhood in Moon is an amazing colour and Moon is easy to work with. In fact maybe the only good thing is that I have too much left. The goal behind the task was to use 75% of the skein and I only used 68%.

The pattern I used for this project was written for double pointed needles, I use two circulars and normally that’s not a problem. For some reason this time that just didn’t work in my brain. Aside from that, in my mind, if you change where you start the round the new starting point should be needle one, right? Not according to this pattern so for the first sock, following instructions resulted in the necessity that at some point in the future I will need to rip back the toe and fix it. Perhaps a use for all that extra yarn, or not… maybe I’ll just call it a design feature.

All I can say is that I am so glad to see the end of this.

Note the sideways toe on the top sock.

Note the sideways toe on the top sock.

Dedicated To…

In my last post about Ringette Skates For A Cure – MontrĂ©al Style I mentioned that I arrived at the rink wearing my dedication shirt. I didn’t go into detail because I wanted to do a post all about it.

I picked up the shirt at my gym, The Athletic Club, because when I saw it I knew it was exactly right. Then I went out and found a bright pink permanent marker so I could add four names to it. Those names are:

Alma, my great aunt who to be honest I have no memory of because she was stolen from us that long ago by breast cancer. To this day my mom always speaks of her fondly and with a smile. Every time I have done anything to raise money for breast cancer awareness I have done it in her name.

Patricia, oh Patricia you crazy lady! Patricia was the original inspiration for this fundraiser, the one who put us all to shame when she came on board with her ideas and energy. Anyone that was in on the Ottawa events and got a gift bag, almost all that stuff was thanks to Patricia. There isn’t room here for me to list all the things she did for the Ottawa events. She is still encouraging everyone to fight, and win, the battle.

Carole was one of my niece’s grandmothers, also stolen from the world. I never met this lady but she meant a lot to my niece and anyone who has mattered to her matters to me.

Marianne, my fellow Boxer loving friend. Marianne has recently finished her radiation treatments and while she has a ways to go she is currently cancer free. She epitomizes beauty, grace and humour and she is sharing her journey via her own blog, Finding My Inner Superwoman.

Ladies, know your breasts. Know what is and isn’t normal for YOU. When your doctor says you should start going for mammograms, go. Don’t whine about the inconvenience or the pain, which in my experience there isn’t any. Just go, a bit of time out of your day could save your life.