Finishing Touches

I finished off the Florida room today. There wasn’t much left to be done. Mr asked me to come up with an easy way to hide a spot where he dinged the wall with the tv stand and I had a few last photos to put up.

IMG_2657 The “ding” is under the far left dandelion. I kind of wanted them to go in the other direction but I couldn’t make that work and still be effective camouflage so this how they ended up. The photos were framed and hung today, they are from left to right, Kate, Max and Spencer. That would be the three Boxers I’ve been privileged to have in my life.

IMG_2655Of course today’s activity all took place under strict supervision. Note that both doors are open and those two are exactly where they want to be. Brittney, my foster dog, has made great strides to be in that pen rather than hiding in the corner. The Brindle, while he can often be a galoot, is quite content to hang out in his crate and always has been.

Below are the same three photos I hung on the wall because I know there are some people who would really like to see them.



5 thoughts on “Finishing Touches

  1. What pretty pups!

    I love crates. Er, for dogs, not for myself. I never really grokked crates until I started fostering dogs (which is funny because I grew up with dogs, we just never crate trained… probably would have helped with a couple of the more wild ones, A LOT). Now I’m a big fan of them. I only have one, though, and my girls like to take turns sleeping in it during the day. When it was Old Dog/Backup Dog the crate was mostly Backups, but now that it’s Four Legs/Three Legs, I crate Three Legs when I leave the house (she’s a chewer and has shown a propensity to eat things I need when I’m not around).

    • I’m the same I think. I got my first crate the day Kate, as a tiny puppy, escaped the spare room and trashed the house. I’ve sworn by them ever since. At one point when I had all three dogs Max would be in a crate, Spencer was contained to the living room by a baby gate and Kate had the rest of the house. As long as they are used properly and not as punishment they make so many things easier.

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