Knitterly Things

As promised, today I’ll round up the few Yarns I’ve been able to squeeze in around the Boxers.

46I think I blogged at least twice about my friend’s socks using Haldecraft’s Fissility pattern. Have I raved enough about that pattern? Seriously, if you knit socks you have to try this pattern because it’s so pretty and it’s an easy knit, no mental gymnastics here folks! That’s my project #46.

47Project #47 did require a little bit of brain work. Another friend had asked if I could make a hot water bottle cover for her son. There was a catch, they both have sensitivities to wool so she wanted it in cotton. Since I know a little about her young man I decided I had to use the Toronto Maple Leafs as the design. That means I had to find a pattern and then redesign it slightly to chart the leaf. I’m pretty happy with the result and I hope he will be as well.

49Now that it’s March yet another friend convinced me I should participate in Malabrigo March. There are a bunch of us that she invited to play and it’s ended up being a Jeweled Cowl March as I’m not sure everyone is using Malabrigo but I am, this colourway is called Velvet Grapes.

Oh, and just so you know, the distractions continue. This is our little Ti Sweetie, we figure she’s around 10 years old which means The Brindle is pleased to finally have a contemporary to hang out with. Clearly, since he’s sharing his beloved hedgehog with her.



Wow… where did the time go? Back in January I volunteered to take on some IT stuff for the Boxer Rescue I volunteer with. Me and IT it’s kind of a no-brainer right? While it’s a lot of work it’s also a lot of fun. There’s just something about doing good, right?

I’ve fostered a few Boxers in the last while…

IMG_3605There was Tonka. She was here for just over a month before going to another foster home and then being adopted. She has the most fabulous ears. She’s a very sweet lady and I felt so bad for her being with us because she loves kids so much. I was so happy that her new foster home had two kids for her to play with and her furever home comes with grandkids that love dogs.

IMG_3634Sky and Eli, the puppies. What was I thinking??? I am so over the puppy experience. Actually I’ve been over it since my first Boxer, Kate, was a puppy back in 1999. To make life more exciting Eli is deaf so that requires even more chasing of the puppy. They only stayed a few days and they were a lot of fun, I would never not foster a puppy but I won’t be raising another one any time soon! I even got to see Sky again last week which was fabulous, she’s getting so big!

IMG_20150228_222244871Abigail dropped by for a while, about a month actually. Lovely girl but heartworm positive, she left us this weekend to go to a new home that we are pretty sure is her furever family. Anyone willing to take on a dog through heartworm treatment has my respect plus they are some of the nicest people I’ve ever met. Yes, Abigail took her beloved gecko with her.

IMG_3766Then there was sweet Rios. He was another short timer, just in town for some doctor appointments, most of which were a bust. Lovely boy is so much healthier than we realized I guess. He just has some challenges due to his wonky leg so he needs a little extra TLC.


Next foster arrives tomorrow, life is an adventure! Next post, a knitting update.


#46 In Progress

What? It’s not Wednesday? How did that happen…

Ah well, I just wanted to give a quick update of the socks I’m working on.

IMG_3610My friend bought me this yarn. This would be the friend that I made a pair of Skew socks for. She loved those so much she wanted another pair of socks so we went to the store and she chose the yarn for them.


The pattern I’m using is Haldecraft’s Fissility and I love this pattern. It’s easy to remember, flows out of my fingers and is one of the best gifts anyone ever gave me. The first time used it I did the heel flap option and I wasn’t really a fan of that so this time I’m trying out the afterthought heels. You can see where the heel will be, where the single line of dark red is.


The afterthought heel row.


Heel transition complete and ready to start leg.