#46 In Progress

What? It’s not Wednesday? How did that happen…

Ah well, I just wanted to give a quick update of the socks I’m working on.

IMG_3610My friend bought me this yarn. This would be the friend that I made a pair of Skew socks for. She loved those so much she wanted another pair of socks so we went to the store and she chose the yarn for them.


The pattern I’m using is Haldecraft’s Fissility and I love this pattern. It’s easy to remember, flows out of my fingers and is one of the best gifts anyone ever gave me. The first time used it I did the heel flap option and I wasn’t really a fan of that so this time I’m trying out the afterthought heels. You can see where the heel will be, where the single line of dark red is.


The afterthought heel row.


Heel transition complete and ready to start leg.


Another Foray

I’m expanding my repertoire again.

For years I have been making cupcakes for events using my mom’s methodology that the cupcake is merely the vehicle for the icing and my mom’s icing is to die for. I decided it was time I started making my cupcakes pretty and that I should take a course. I did the first part of that course yesterday and the second is next Wednesday. In the meantime for practice I made some cupcakes for a Florida Boxer Rescue fundraiser this evening. I’m very pleased!


Chocolate cupcakes, ready to be filled.


Strawberry filling


White icing base


Pink drop flowers with red sugar


Starting Fresh

I posted a while back about how I hadn’t managed to complete my goal for the Haldecraft 12 in 14, knitting one project per month for the year. I was disappointed in myself but one must move on. So what’s a girl to do? Well try again of course!

This time around it’s the 15 in 2015 but the requirements are less restrictive in that the projects had to be cast on no earlier than January 1st and must be completed no later than December 31st. Removing the monthly restriction changes things up quite nicely. Also, this isn’t a flat out Haldecraft knit-along it’s a joint adventure with String Theory Colorworks, another fabulous independent yarn dyer.

IMG_3606I was insistent to everyone that I was not going to plan, aside from a few commissions I have that I want to get done. I did realize however that I needed to at least do a little bit of prep work. With that in mind, along with a necessity to reorganize my craft corner,  I did a little stash diving and what I came up with is pictured at right. I was amused to discover I actually have yarn in that pile from three different indy dyers. There’s some Le Mouchon in the mix too, which is extra special since that shop is on hiatus now.

IMG_3610Yesterday I cast on the first project/commission and the feel of my sock needles in my hands was wonderful. Is it possible that my soul only wants to make socks? How ridiculous for someone who winters in Florida! The yarn for this project is mass produced but the pattern is from Haldecraft so I still have a small link.

As for the Haldebox… it needs a new name, or it might just be known as the “-along” box.