Ball Hockey ’15

I’m slightly delayed in this post as I should have done it a month ago. One might say I’ve been distracted, or busy, or something.

Regardless, last month was the 2015 iteration of the Walter Gretzkey Street Hockey Tournament which I participated in last year. This year the tournament was moved to June, I was a co-captain of a team and a referee. What a crazy weekend!

clks-vagThings kicked off on the Friday again with me providing transportation for the designated shopper. I wasn’t scheduled to referee that night but I did have two games to play in. The first with my team, the Clerks. We play in the View Askew Street Hockey League (VASHL) which came to be thanks to a whole lot of dedicated fans of Kevin Smith.

ww-funployeesThe second game was with Wally’s Warriors. This team was made of of players from the other nine VASHL teams so that we could have a 10 team division. We pulled a tie off in that game and I was sooo close to deflecting the ball in with only seconds to go but it wasn’t meant to be.

meMuch of the rest of the weekend was a blur. I was running between different rinks, there were 14 in total, to either play or referee. Unfortunately that led to my complete lack of photos so thank heavens all my VASHL pals are pleased to share. Including one of me actually appearing to be somewhat involved in the game on Saturday. (note: you can see a larger version of any picture by clicking on it.

2015-06-20 22.00.15

There were a couple of other fun things over the weekend. On the Saturday night my sister and I popped by the VASHL festivities for the award presentations. Good thing too as we had to scoop up the MVP awards for the Clerks and the Mings to take back to the local people who won them. It also gave me a chance to get this great photo of the cake.

The most amusing thing though was Friday night. We were done and packing up to leave when the office door opened and in walked Mr Walter Gretzky himself. He had to tell us all stories and hang around chit chatting before we could go. He liked my hockey jersey so much I had to get a photo with him.

2015-06-19 22.06.10


Hibernation Complete

I finished a particular project, #41 to be precise, last week that I am very proud of. It’s a shawl made from a Boo Knits pattern.

I’ve been an admirer of Boo Knits for what seems like forever but never actually found myself casting on any of her patterns. Then last summer she was having a mystery knit-along (MKAL). Theoretically I love the idea of a MKAL where they send you pattern clues over a period of time and you have no idea what the finished object (FO) will look like. The reality though is that I don’t knit very fast so I can’t really keep up with a MKAL. To make matters worse I signed up for two of them last summer! (don’t even ask about the other one…)

So this poor shawl went into hibernation over the winter, in fact I didn’t touch it for probably 7 months. When I pulled it out again I remembered all the things I loved about it. The yarn is Metalico from Blue Sky Alpacas, a blend of baby alpaca and mulberry silk that is so soft as to be unbelievable. The beading is blue crystals and for someone that doesn’t do colour matching well, I got this one so right.

This might be a masterpiece, my Ocean Breeze.



Close up of the lace

Close up of the lace


The full effect.

Wigglin’ Nubbins Inc.

Ok, so I haven’t really gone into business, although I’ve been toying with it. I’m thinking of starting up a pet-sitting service, specializing in large dogs but I also have experience and can get references for cats and chickens. Yeah, don’t ask.

20150602_113731But I’m thinking that being able to offer up photos of two hundred pounds of dog, loose leash walking, is a pretty good recommendation.




This was the first time The Brindle met Ms Daisie and while they weren’t thrilled with each other, I think they like me more than they possibly disliked each other.



Also, Daisie, via her mama I’m sure, had this wonderful gift for me today.